Childbirth Education
It's Made in Mom's belief that having a baby is a normal, natural life experience.  Childbirth classes are designed to promote and protect this wonderful life event.  Made in Mom aims to inspire confidence in a woman's ability to give birth without unnecessary intervention.  Studies show that emotional support is vital to a laboring woman and Made in Mom's classes ensure birth partners are ready and able to take on this role .  
The Mission of Made in Mom 
The Made in Mom mission is to help women and birth partners feelconfident in their ability to give birth.  The health of women and their babies is increasingly threatened by modern society and unnecessary intervention.  Made in Mom aims to protect and promote the sanctity of birth as well as support new parents with the transition to parenthood.
Made in Mom Doula Services: "My goal is to help new families in a nonjudgmental way as they make their journey into parenthood.  To promote infant and family bonding while creating a sense of calm and organization".
Arabella Hancock, LCCE, CLEC, Postpartum Doula
Contact: 1-626-354-0179 or email

Group classes are currently taking place at Kaiser Permanente, LA Medical Center, Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles (open to Kaiser members and non-members). Contact Kaiser: 
Private and small group classes available.
Call:1-626-354-0179 for further information or email